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Aquilla Hikes comes to your WhatsApp

Discover services, get booking-related notifications and answers to queries within seconds on your favourite messaging app.

What this means for you

We understand keeping a track of emails about your travel bookings and travel mandates can be a task. So, here we come to you on your favourite messaging app.

Available 24/7 x 365 (even on holidays)

Fetch your booking related details

Find latest offers and discounts

Get notified on WhatsApp

From booking to boarding, we’ve got your entire journey covered at your fingertips.

Booking details

Get instant confirmation on WhatsApp when you make a booking. Find details of your travel package, things to carry list, links to important travel mandates, COVID-19 travel regulations, regular travel alerts, and much more by typing in ‘Hi Aquilla Hikes’ on your WhatsApp to chat with us. In case you make a Flex Pay/hold booking, you receive a link to complete the payment and confirm your booking.

Boarding Pass

Get your boarding pass on WhatsApp and easily access it at the airport entry gate. Ask your query about anything travel-related with Aquilla.

Travel Queries

Get the latest information for anything travel-related by saying 'Hi Aquilla' to us on our WhatsApp window, and picking from the given options.

  • What is Aquilla Hikes Whatsapp number
    Aquilla Hikes Whatsapp number is +917988426305
  • How can I get updates from Aquilla Hikes ?
    You can subscribe in two simple ways: Save our WhatsApp number - 7988426305 / and send ‘HELLO Aquilla Hikes' on the WhatsApp message window or Tick the subscription box when prompted during your booking flow
  • Can I get my booking related queries resolved on Whatsapp ?
    Yes, you may type in ‘Hi’ to chat with us and tell us about your concern.
  • What all services does Aquilla Hikes offer on Whatsapp ?
    At present, we offer the following services on WhatsApp: Notifications related to your travel package Check-in notification and reminder Add-on information Notifications on latest offers and discounts
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